Going on ERASMUS? Participing on Leonardo da Vinci? Erasmus Placement? Or any other mobility programme?

We can help you!
ESN 2.0 is a Portuguese pioneering project that aims to help outgoing students.

You have questions! All of us have them! We can help you get in touch with someone who has the answers you need: people and sections from your destination country.
We are here for you. Let us get you in touch with other ESNers: people that organize trips, plan events and allow you to get to know and explore the city and country where you will spend your immediate future.

We'll get you in contact with your future local ESN Section. You will see that being ERASMUS is being on a whole new level. It’s another mindset, you can get a glimpse by going on some of our activities. Be international, before you get there. Good luck on your life-changing experience. You will be completely different when you come back but don’t be a stranger when you return, call us maybe!